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Blower Truck TerraseedingTerraseeding is by definition, the pneumatic application of composted organic soil and seed using an Express Blower Truck which utilizes a computer calibrated seed injection system. This unique seeding method can be used to plant turf grass for a home lawn or a native meadow in storm ponds or stream channels. Landsource can provide consultation in seed blend selection to meet your specific objectives and growing conditions. Our Terraseeding process provides the best results for any commercially available seeding or vegetating process.


Why is Terraseeding so effective?   
Terraseeding harnesses the many proven benefits of precisely placing seed in stable, mature compost. The nutrient rich compost prevents surface erosion while absorbing rain energy to provide the perfect seed bed to promote germination. We typically apply a 1-inch (25mm) layer of composted soil with seed evenly distributed throughout the soil. The new seed after germinating will quickly develop roots that reach into the base soil. The compost provides an amending benefit to this base soil while continuing to stabilize the surface to support continued growth vigour.

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